Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Big Daddy D and I went to see Star Trek at our favorite date theater-Cinebarre. Eating pizza, hot wings and fried green tomatoes and drinking two(2) pitchers of beer only added to our movie experience. I should have gone to the midnight show though. Can you believe I was the only one laughing out loud and talking to the characters and pumping my fist in the air when really cool stuff happened?
Really people-get a little excited! It was awesome, I couldn't help myself, and at least no one shushed me.
This time.
Oh, and I lost my favorite socks in the theater.
I always kick my shoes off-and sometimes my socks-to get comfy for the two hour adventure and this time I was so caught up in the movie I had just watched(and talking to my mom on my way out the door) that I forgot all about my socks.
When I did remember them mere minutes later I ran back in and they had already found my socks and trashed them =( The guys working there got it but that girl just thought I was crazy as a loon.
We decided to continue our date at a local bar and had a great time sitting on the couch there, listening to a little guy sing and play guitar, whispering(Big Daddy D)laughing raucously(me) and dancing a couple of times in this no dancing kind of place. I was pretty trashed.
We got home and to bed late-around 1am which is very late for us.
And got rudely awakened a little before 5 by a puking kid. How someone so small could vomit so much I'll never know and 4 hours, 10 washcloths, 7 towels and 2 sets of sheets later she finally settled down.
D and I were wiped out the rest of the day.
Sunday-Mother's Day-rolled around and it started off pleasantly enough for me-coffee and cinnamon roll in bed-where I lounged alone and read for a couple of hours.
Later I gathered up the Big Girl and one of her friends and took them to see Star Trek. They liked it but the friend had not seen ANY of the Star Trek movies and from the sound of it none of the television shows. WTF?
My day wrapped up at the bookstore alone for a few hours-my idea of a good time-and I came home to find that Big Daddy D had rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua for me-wasn't that sweet of him? I had mentioned wanting to see it so he got AND watched it with me-extra super sweet of him!
And then....
The kid woke us up at 1am, puking again.
And again and again and again.
I ended up holding her on my lap for hours as she alternately puked and passed out. Big Daddy D helped me get situated with towels, washcloths, a bowl and a set of sheets and I spent the rest of the night on the floor in the bathroom with the girl.
She is awake and happy this morning but we are both tired and to tell you the truth now I'm feeling a bit urpy. And sore-I am so sore it is unbelievable. I'm too old to (not)sleep on a hard floor.
Nights like last night are the ones that show me what being a mom is really all about.
Now please excuse me-I need to get my baby re hydrated.
Happy Mother's Day!


Nej said...

Wasn't Star Trek good??? I loved it!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) Those actors had to have had so much fun making it...and saying the token lines of their characters. I laughed and laughed. Our group had a couple of people who had never seen any of the movies much was lost on them. :-)

Lost your favorite socks? That stinks!!!! :-(

At a bar, on a couch, listening to music and perfect!!!

Puking kid on mother's day weekend....pretty much says it all. I mean, why there's a mother's day and all. On the floor in the bathroom all're such a good mother!!!!

ginstonic said...

I was wondering why you hadn't blogged. My sympathies to you & the small one, hope you all recuperate soon. Call me if you need an ear (just not between 12 & 1- except in emergencies). Check your email -found this terrific dress/skirt at Sports Authority - I got four and gave one to Shi- Let me know the color and I'll have it shipped to you. Love ya, mom

Huff Daddy said...

Sounds like a GREAT Mother's Day weekend, minus the puking. That's a bummer. Hope she's doing well. Good on you for having a good one ;)

Brook said...

Nej-I LOVED IT! I had the best time. And I have a hard time believing there are people in the developed world who have not seen Star Trek...their loss.
My socks.....=( I don't think they were stinky so it wasn't that bad for those movie people...=)
It was a great date and yep-on the floor in the bathroom all night. Puking went into dry heaves and I need another Mother's Day.

Mom-that's why...

HD-It was good in spite of the puking. She is feeling better- thanks...

The CEO said...

We're going to see Star Trek on Wednesday. Neither one of us has a mother any more, and we're looking for a volunteer. Interested?

Happy Mothers Day, Brook! And for many, many more!

Brook said...

Thanks Monty-and I'll take as many Mother's Days well wishes and gifts as are left to me-feel free!

Amy said...

Hope she is all better! Puke cleaning is my #1 hated mommy chore. Logan is getting a cold...his little voice is horse. It's so tough when they feel bad and don't understand why.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

aww you really didn't have to demonstrate ON mother's day how awesome a Mom you are!

Brook said...

LOE-thanks-though honestly I would have rathered not have demonstrated my awesomeness in quite that way. Sucking up and doing the nasty yucky painful things are the worst parts of motherhood. And yet we moms can't not do them. That's what we do.