Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I miss Paul Harvey

I really have nothing exciting to share today.
I have a plan.
I always have a plan.
Sometimes I ditch my plan.
Sometimes I change my plan.
I'm okay when it happens.

A friend of mine brought up an interesting topic.
Why do we keep things that invoke feelings of guilt?
My response was,
"Sometimes I wish the house would burn down(just let me get a few family pics and my favorite jeans first!).
Then I/we could start over fresh and not worry.
That part(the weeding of stuff) would be out of our hands.
So maybe I/we should grab just the very few things we would want to save from a fire and ditch the rest."

This sharing of ideas led me to go through a few boxes that have been sitting unopened for a couple of years.
I have a huge miscellaneous yarn collection.
I don't want to think about the money in it.
I will never use it.
I need to get rid of it.
And the guilt associated with what I perceive as wasting money because I never used the yarn.
Goodwill here I come!
The back story...
Last Thursday I got some great yarn at Big Lots for $1.50 a skein which normally retails for about $10.
I 'm actually making something with it.
I'm almost finished as a matter of fact.
A scarf, for when it gets cold again.
It will.
Get cold again I mean-it always does.
I wish Paul Harvey were here to tell me the rest of the story.
I could plan better if I knew how it ends.


Nej said...

I used to bead things...jewelry, christmas ornaments....you name it. I still have boxes, bins and shelves full of the supplies.

I never use it. I finally unpacked it after living in this house 2 years. 2 years and I unpacked it. Why? Dont' know, still haven't used it. :-)

I'm doing a garage sale with my sister this month. Maybe some of that will go on the sale?

Brook said...

Nej-I love making stuff-knitting crocheting *sock monsters*-and continue with new projects-but for the life of me I will never use any of what I have right now.
The why of it goes unanswered.

The CEO said...

I wouldn't feel guilty over the yarn, I just don't think you have found what you want to do yet.

Brook said...

CEO-Well, I know for sure that I don't want to make anything with pine green yarn anyway. =)

Amy said...

OK..1st the both if us sick from hot dogs on same day..this is getting a little spooky. I have been thinking about how tragic it would be to lose everything in a fire past couple of days, I helped a friend sort through charred up crap Sun afternoon. Her house burned up Fri. nite. Burned to a dang crisp. I look around my cluttered house and think I need to get rid of stuff, but if it ALL gone..it would be a major pain to start over. Also it was shocking to see the destruction. Lots of stuff we are sentimental about and dont even realize it.

Amy said...

I miss Paul Hervey too. He was awesome.

Brook said...

Amy-I do kid (and obsess) about fire(can you say OCD tendencies?)a lot. I would never want to sort through the ashes hoping against hope that some treasures survived. Or worse. But like you(and my friend Victoria)sometimes things make you stop and take stock, wondering the whys and cutting away everything but the essentials-and it's surprising what remains essential and how little of that there ends up being.
I miss his gurgly "Good day", it always sounded like he was laughing-in a good way-about the foibles of human nature.

Spellbound said...

Once when I was on my way home I saw a billow of smoke coming from the general direction of my house. My children were in the car and I swear I thought, "Oh please, let it be my house." Well it wasn't so now I feel bad.

Huff Daddy said...

Interesting, Dinah and I were discussing today how my mom refuses to address her stomach abscess. She's either going to die or need emergency surgery. I think she doesn't want to make the decisions, she wants someone else to and this way makes that happen. You've essentially described the same thing.

I grew up with Paul Harvey in the summer, WLKI Angola IN. His voice always brings back childhood memories. Later I learned what a right wing racist he was. After that I couldn't stomach him.

Anonymous said...

a. i've been knitting the same scarf for 3+ years and have yet to finish it. i suck at sitting still.

b. we had a house fire in our basement in the middle of the night in august 2007 and i STILL don't sleep through the night. seriously? just weed through the stuff. it's better on your mental health.


Ma King said...

Just a "yarn thought" from Ma King, the old hippie socialworker... Consider asking your local nursing home activities director or the AD at the local senior center if they can use ANY craft items you decide to re-home (as Tiff would say). The budgets for these places are terrible and something like pretty yarn might feel wonderful and familiar in old hands. Just a thought......

Amy said...

Ooohh-I really like Ma King's idea.
As for having too much junk, I too hold on to things. It felt great to give some kids books away a few days ago. I need to stay out of Target a fwew months-we alway get more junk and we just dont need it. I like the idea of getting rid and starting fresh. Ok-im done.

Brook said...

Spellbound-I've had the same thought-it's become a family joke.

HD-refusing to make a decision is a decision in itself. And as for Paul Harvey-we all have our faults. As with most things I will try to take the good and leave the bad.

B)I finished the scarf-but I still have 3 balls of yarn to find something to do with. Sitting still isn't a problem(but getting bored quickly is)
C)I am weeding and trimming. I really don't want a fire(I have enough trouble sleeping as it is)Seriously.
Ma King-what an excellent idea. Thanks! I really never would have thought of that.

Amy-I get rid of stuff all hte time-and then go out and get more to fill in the blanks. I gotta stop doing that.

Huff Daddy said...

Ask your daycare too. I know ours will take craft items in a heart beat.