Monday, November 24, 2008

On a lighter note...

I have planned out my Thanksgiving dinner, obsessively made lists, modified recipes, written more lists, searched my pantry, made more lists, reread recipes, wrote another list, clipped coupons, wrote another list, read my lists and compiled the "master List". Let's just say I have some compulsion issues that are satisfied by all this list making. So......I just did my shopping for Thanksgiving and the following week and the grand total was, wait for it-$102!!!! Can you believe it? I couldn't. Occasional Compulsive Behavior can payoff! I am pleased as punch with myself and can't wait to get started on my timeline list! You know that's the one so you know when to start cooking everything so it's all ready at the same time....You guys do that right?
When you have a big company meal to prepare, you do that don't you?
Tell me you do that!
Just so you know I am only like this on special occasions-hence "Occasional Compulsive Behavior" moniker. So, I will be preparing 10 dishes, 5 of which I have never made before. I can do it, I have before , last year I had a 16 item menu that I prepared in someone elses kitchen some from recipes I had not even seen before.
Yeah, you read that right. 16.
And everything-I mean everything- was ready and on the table at 5. There's a story there but names would have to be changed including my own and well...I'll do my best to keep the peace. Anyway, you might think that's bragging and maybe it is a little but mostly it is venting and angst because though I have been preparing Thanksgiving meals or portions of them for 20+ years(I have been cooking full meals for a family of 8, including menu planning since I was 10, and started "helping when I was about 8) This will be only the second time that I will be preparing a Thanksgiving meal with my own menu, with my own stuff, in my own kitchen, and serving it when I want to. Finally! You will definitely think I am crazy now, but I only wish more people were coming to share my absolute favorite cooking holiday with me and my family. Wanna come?


Huff Daddy said...

Wow! 16 dishes! That's ambitious. I think if my family enjoyed more than just 5 basic dishes for Thanksgiving I'd be more ambitious. Oh well.

We are hosting for the first time this year. Veered left though and ordered a smoked turkey. Our part is done. Everyone else is bringing the rest of the dishes.

Good luck with yours!

Brook said...

I do count the little snackis like stuffed dates and stuffed celery and deviled egss in these totals because, well I am making them. And the different pies too. Also My oldest daughter is very helpful as long as she has guidance, gathering ingredients for me and helping with the interminable clean-up. This year the turkey will be brined and butterflied though I haven't decided whether to grill or roast it. We did almost decide to order a deep fried one from Bojangles cause they are so good too, but the price tag ruled that out when I could buy a turkey for 1/3 the price at my local grocery.

Huff Daddy said...

Ooooooh let me know if you butterfly it and how it turns out. I bounced that idea off my wife before we settled on the smoked turkey.