Wednesday, November 19, 2008

every day?

Did I say every day? I of course meant when I can get to it -which is apparently less than I thought. I have decided, though, that working with kids requires a brand of crazy that I just don't have. This is a good thing because if I had "it" I would have more sick days like the last three after I helped watch the little turds. They weren't turds- they were good actually- but one of them was secretly spreading stomach bugs all around and I was lucky enough to get a few! Top that off with the 3year old I call my own pegging me right between the eyes with her rather large, very hard plastic lipgloss case(think deck of cards size people) and giving me a goose egg, killer headache and maybe a concussion and you have the picture of my lovely weekend. In Big Daddy D's favor he immediately jumped to my rescue and visited retribution on my attacker- in her defense she apparently thought she and I were playing the game where we say "hey you! throw me that remote!" (or in her case lipgloss) and didn't know that both people should know what the heck is going on! D later said she had great technique, excellent form really and that she had an instinctual knowledge of how to put as much force in her throw as possible. I am still not impressed and have since explained to her the importance of making sure everyone is on the same page with gameplaying . Maybe it worked 'cause she hasn't tagged me since!

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