Thursday, February 25, 2010

You win some, you lose some.

Some things are a mystery until they're done.

Knitting lace.
Cutting out snowflakes.
Watching a movie.

I'm looking out the back slider through beautiful rainbows created by The Kid during one of our interminable snow days.
The picture really doesn't capture the beautiful sunshiny glow.
Thanks for the idea Wendolonia, we had a lot more fun making these rainbow snowflakes than we did watching that awful movie.

Which movie?
"Where the Wild things Are"
It sucked monkey balls.
Do you know how big monkey balls are?
I loved the book.
But no matter how good the special effects(which were great) I absolutely hated the movie and how it corrupted my version of the story.
In mine the little boy was not a complete turd.

Enough of that.
I have beautiful rainbows to enjoy.


Huff Daddy said...

Yeah, after Rose showed zero interest in the preview and I read a lot of bad reviews, just like yours, I crossed that one off my want to see list.

Brook said...

We almost went out and asked for a refund it blew so bad. I kept hoping though that it would end well. NOPE.

Victoria said...

I'm catching up here. Those rainbows are just beautiful. Remember "gods eyes" made with yarn? I love them, too. Happy. Colorful. All good.


PS - do you know anything about what is about to happen to blogger (older blogs cut loose)? I'm confused and have no idea if I qualify or what?

Spellbound said...

Those are so pretty! I heard bad things about the movie too. Victoria's comment made me think of dreamcatchers too. I have had so much fun over the years making crafts with children.
What's this about blogger???

Brook said...

Victoria the rainbows are still making me smile. I'll have to introduce her to those "gods eyes" things too, I think she'd like doing a few and I have tons of scrap yarn ;)

DCN crafting with kids CAN be fun when I remember to let go of my expectations and rules(very difficult for me).

As for blogger changes, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? They are changing stuff again?????

Nej said...

The rainbow snowflakes are awesome!!!!!!!

I wanted to see the movie...but haven't gone yet. Something keeps me from going. I think it's because I'm afraid of exactly what you just described.

Brook said...

Don't go Nej-it seriously sucks. The rainbow snowflakes are nice aren't they?