Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enough with the soap box already!

I thought some of you might like to see what my recipes actually look like.

This first one is the Kid's recipe for an olive sandwich that she was trying to convince me Big Daddy D wanted.
This is a recipe for arm warmers.
These are the arm warmers-behind them on the coffee table are 4 other pairs.

Here's my recipe for Italian Beef and Pasta-it is delicious.
And here's how I look today, minus the partially knit hat which I have frogged-unnecessarily as it turns out.

Here's how the above hat will look once it's finished.


Geri said...

Cute hats. I wish I wasn't a talentless waste of skin. LMAO

Brook said...

Geri you are an ER nurse, if that isn't talent and guts and so not a waste of skin I don't know what is. So there.
I've read that 2x now, trying to make sure I actually said what I mean. You get it though right?