Friday, September 17, 2010


Cigarettes and snow.
Matches flaring.
Long hair drifts across my face.


Victoria said...


Love it! More!

Victoria said...
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Brook said...

I can't remember the syllabic requirements of Haiku.
I know I was up all night wishing I had a cigarette.
They get you every time.

Victoria said...

I posted twice last time - which says everything about this ridiculous set-up I call a computer.

From what I recall 5-7-5

But it's probably not as simple as all that (haiku).

This should not serve as a "real" thank you, but I must say thank you!

Delish! Great on pancakes. Tom says "yay!", too.

You rock!


"the quince does not go
to waste instead we scrape our
plates. Ours, is a quince-madness.."

I'm still working on it, but you get the idea.


ginstonic said...

re:previous post Did you see Machete?
I just saw the trailer on the computer, had not heard about it before. He is one of the guys on that TV special about character actors.