Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay I'll tell you...

Believe it or not it is watermelon.
I cracked one open and found that one of the lobes looked almost exactly like a tongue.
Minion #1 took some pictures.
Minion #2 ate the "tongue" with delight.
I didn't eat anymore watermelon at all.


Amy said...

my 1st thought was "ew-that must be the meat popsicle Brook was eating fro b'fast the other day"
weird.I don't really like watermelon-now even less. I lurve me some honeydew though-and right now it is really good.

Brook said...

The meat popsicle was a piece of sausage on a fork. Guys have such dirty minds. I do too but they take the cake. And probably eat it too! I really like melon in general but I just spent $3 on a cantaloupe that did not taste good. The watermelon was tasty-but after finding the "tongue" I didn't eat any more. Honeydews cost $5 at the store right now-must be the droughtish conditions or something. Anyway I'm too cheap to shell out the big bucks for them right now. =(

Amy said...

That is crazy-Publix has had a ton of them the past coupole of weeks-they are 2 for $5...which I thought was pretty good. The one I bought yesterday was huge and is so sweet and juicy. yum.

Victoria said...


Meat of an alien, but definitley MEAT.

Never in a million years did I think: watermelon!

Life, so crazy!

Brook said...

You said it Victoria!