Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better than I did yesterday.

I did not see this outside my window.

Instead I saw this
She was scared

I however was not. I had places to go and things to do, doctors to see and shopping to do, books to peruse and groceries to purchase.
I confess I was a little concerned when I finished all that and the roads looked like this.

Believe it or not I was glad to pull onto my street even though it was worse than the rest.
Home never looked so good.
I'm telling you it is cold outside.
so I'm going to stay inside and knit.
And hope for sunny skies and Spring


Huff Daddy said...

Well if you don't feel good you at least look good. I'd the hoop gone?

Brook said...

Thanks HD. The hoop is still there-my head is turned different than usual I guess, but I tell ya some days I'm tempted to take it out. I ripped it about a mm and now I have a bump and a hoop. Blah.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

blue eye girls with a dark je-ne-sais-quoi

Brook said...

DCN there is something interesting about blue eyes and smiles...maybe that is what makes some people stop and look and then look again. That or my really loud laugh... =)

Huff Daddy said...

When I was at Wisconsin, no one but frat boys went to the bars, everyone else went to house parties. Go in the back 2 bucks for a cup, you tried to haggle if they said 3. Man you hated paying three.

House parties were ALWAYS keg parties. My buddy and I would always work our way to the keg and man the tap. Didn't matter if we din't know whose house it was. Perk A was we never waited in line. Perk B was every girl at the party came by us.

My standard pick up line was "Hi, I'm looking for a girl with blue eyes, do yo have blue eyes?" Never failed. :)

Nej said...

For once this season, we're not the ones getting the snow??? Finally!!!

In fact, we've bee in the 30's this week. Our 8 foot piles of snow are finally beginning to shrink.

A little. :-)

ginstonic said...

Aaron sent pics from the cabin. You guys are really having winter this year. Do you still miss Saratoga?

Brook said...

Nej the worst is we had a pretty nice weekend again, sunny and 40's anyway and the birds are starting to sing their spring courting songs and BAM! right in the proverbial kisser!

Mom I am not sure. I do like having snow on the ground-that seriously doesn't bother me as long as we have sunshine too. What bothers me is the frickin school being closed again today because of who knows why. There is a serious lack of preparedness in this area.

Victoria said...

Hey - do you know anything about what's going on with blogger? Soomething about old blogs being cancelled at the end of the month (me)? I can't figure it out - have no idea if it applied to my blog, etc. If you know *anything*, please pass it on (heard it in vaguely at metafilter - and can't get answers).

Sorry!!! Not your problem. But need a human being (!) who has an idea..

Thanks (either way) V

Huff Daddy said...

They are no longer going to support ftp.



Brook said...

Victoria I hope HD(AJ) helped. I am so not tech savvy at all. For instance when I saw the "ftp" I thought "they are gonna quit the florists?" Not had enough coffee...

Victoria said...

Thanks, Huff Daddy! I'm going to look into that..

And, thanks, Brook! Yeah, I "sort of" know what that means, but I still have no idea if it applies to my blog or whatnot.

The idea that one morning I find that my little five years worth of (complete waste-of-time /bs goings on and on and on) is just *poof* gone, freaks me out. I'm gonna figure it out (and I think blogbaby is safe because it's newer.. again, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, I miss you Brook!

Huff Daddy said...

@Victoria, well anyone else too. FTP is file transfer protocol. What they mean that if you host your blog somewhere else, meaning you have web space like monsterdollhouse.com and you create your blob in blogger but have it set to transfer to monsterdollhouse.com, blogger will no longer support that. Since you are frankenmonterblog dot BLOGSPOT, which is owned by blogger, it doesn't apply to you. Whew! I hope that helps.