Monday, September 21, 2009

Dammit...even procrastinaters have to get to it eventually

I am staying busy so I don't have to think.
Thinking gets one in trouble.
Or at least makes one sad.
Look at me for example.
I have been sitting here doing nothing all morning.
Except thinking.
But enough about me.
The chicks are happy in their new home though sadly one did die-one of the biggest ones surprisingly enough.
Blue is happy in his new home and makes me laugh and smile every day.
Our foreign exchange student, M, is happy and doing well(she is surprised though pleasantly so that we do not eat McDonald's every day).
B is making A's and just one B as she starts this school year.
E is ecstatic to be back in school playing with her friends.
Big Daddy D is excited to be moving to a new, less expensive location.
Every one is moving ahead.
Except me.
I feel stuck, stagnate, sad.
Listening to some sad song about wanting to blame the sad on the rain.
I wish it would stop raining by the way.
I haven't seen the sun in a week.
I should just get off my ass and get to it.
Whatever it is.


Nej said...

Thinking is most definitely dangerous. I only get myself in trouble, or get myself down, when I think too much.

Put on a raincoat, and get outside for some fresh air. And smile!!!

Brook said...

Done done and done!

Dark Cloud Nine said...

hmm I don't know. I would have to say that thinking is dangerous only if there is something dangerous to think about.

I tend to believe that pushing it away is only delaying the explosion. Of course you can delay it for ever, but is it what you want? I guess that is in itself a question that deserves to be thought through...

Brook said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry things are going & feeling so rough.

Sometimes I too, feel like my day to day activities are nothing compared to other's lives.

From your last post, you family is doing well.

Your turn at happy will be coming up too.

Here is a online hug!

Brook said...

Elftea-thanks for the hug! You're right my turn at happy will come, patience in the middle is the hard part I think.