Friday, June 19, 2009

I Am Woman

I am my hair, my eyes, my lips
I am my chin, my neck, my shoulders
I am my breasts, my belly, my ass
I am my vagina, my legs, my toes

I am Woman

Hurt me
Wound me
Reject me
Devastate me

I am still here
Still Woman

There is no denying it
I am Woman
More than the sum of my parts

Deal with it Mother Fucker

I give
I give you me
And this
You strike at my most vulnerable place

My belief in myself as a woman
Why is woman not enough
Why am I not enough

Here I am
Here I stay

Why do I
Why do I give
Why do I want to

Because I love
When will the pain overwhelm the love?

Only time will tell
Only time
May the pain you inflict
May the pain I allow


Before the love dies


Nej said...

Heavy. I take a Friday off, and this is what I miss. Sounds like you were having one hell of a day?? :-(

Brook said...

It was a heavy day/night/day-several weeks ago...things are okay here most of the time but those bad times are pretty damn bad when they happen. I like the poem even after everything calmed down so here it is.

Nej said...

Boy do I hear you. Mot's dad called us the other day to see if we were ok. The last time he'd seen us, we were battling it out. When we battle, we do it right. It's ugly. :-)