Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Good Morning" said the mole!
It is a lovely day, I have the sneezles and am off to the orthodontist soon for another round of voluntary torture.
Seriously folks.
I am ready to get these darn things off, but I will bear it as long as it takes.
In other news I am feeling very excited and full of myself today.
Wanna know why?
Of course you do.
First-Tomorrow we go to Florida and will not be back for 2(TWO) weeks(I will have my laptop with me this time)! Well Big Daddy will be flying back sooner but the girls and I will drive up when we are ready. Have I mentioned that I am soooooo very thankful that I don't have to be tied into someone else's schedule-you know one of those job thingies? Don't worry I let Big Daddy know it nearly every day.
Second-I filled up an APO AE/large flat rate USPS box with goodies for one of our boys over in Afghanistan. I mean I filled every nook and cranny of that thing with everything except the kitchen sink. You know how Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love-absolutely love giving presents? This is just like that! I picked out all these goodies with this guy in mind and that was fun, you know, trying to imagine what would be nice to get out in the middle of the desert. Fortunately I have a great imagination, tons of experience buying stuff, and Dark Cloud Nine sent me a link to a great website full of good and needful items.
I slipped in a book too.
Reading is fundamental you know.
What book you ask?
Good Omens, of course.
I have given/loaned so many copies of this book it has become rather amusing and once again I will have to acquire another copy for myself. I believe that will push the total of this title purchased by me into the double digit zone.
I can't even begin to relate to you what about, or why I love this book so much that I would foist it off on so many friends and acquaintances, and won't even try.
But if you like I will mail one of you a copy-if you promise to read it and pass it on to someone else.
Geez look at the time-I have to get my show on the road.


Nej said...

2 weeks in Florida. Aren't you the traveler lately!!! :-) :-)

Good Omens, eh?

Brook said...

Nej-soooo the traveler-I love it too(except coming home to a messy house)My mom lives there and we love to go visit-you know cause it's relatively free once we get there-and seeing family is always good!
And yep.
Good Omens.

PorkStar said...

oh nice nice... two weeks... i hope you enjoy your time there : )

Brook said...

Porkstar-Thanks! SC hot and muggy enough for you?

Amy said...

I got all vaclempt (how the heck do u spell that?) reading bout your care package. You are so kind and thoughtful to do that. I think I will do one too. We all should.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

Brook: you're awesome yeahhh!!! The book is a good idea hmmmm

Amy: if you want to send one and don't have anybody in mind yet... I know good guys where my husband is right now in Afghanistan who have nobody to get a package from...

Brook said...

Amy-my ability to spell is gone. Doing this was alot of fun for me. It could be something your boys might like going in on-or even their class next school term.

DCN-so worth it-hehe, I hope he likes the book.

WanderingGirl said...

Me thinks I will go get that book! Have fun!!!

Brook said...

WG-I like the book-wry dry and well, I was about to give a major spoiler. We will have fun-and lots of it!

tangobaby said...

I know you're traveling... but you did win my drawing too! So be in touch when you can and tell me where to send your present.


Brook said...


Nej said...

Woohoo!!!! :-) :-)