Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love to read.
Last month I read fifteen or so books.
That was a light month for me.
Don't be confused-I am not counting children's books read aloud to the Kid.
My fingers and toes don't go that high.
I am including books that I have read before.
My favorite books to read fall into the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance(not the dinky series stuff mind you-novels)(okay sometimes dinky if Piers Anthony or The Many Adventures of Tarzan count there) categories.
I do read many other genres-contemporary fiction, humor, essay compilations, history, historical fiction, biographies, erotica, poetry, etc.
I do tend to avoid book club selections-weird maybe but I hate following trends and reading something just because some high profile git said it was good goes hard against the grain.
I love the bargain bin section of any store and am thrilled when I pull out a prize.
Crybaby Ranch and Julie and Julia are two such scores that come to mind.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.
Surf's Up.
The Gate to Women's Country.
Tasting Fire Eating Blood.


I have a hard time reading in the car.
I have tried many times over the years and it just doesn't work.
Paying attention to traffic and following a storyline just don't work together.
Believe me I've tried.

Did you think I was talking about reading in the passenger seat?

I'm a crazy crackhead reader of books-you gotta believe me.


Nej said...

Mot is a crazy book reader....he comes from a line of many crazy mad readers. They suck them up like candy. :-) We have one room in our house that is nothing but bookshelves upon bookshelves.

I'm a read a couple chapters before bed, or maybe one or two chapters at lunch kinda gal. Reading knocks me out better than Nyquil. :-)

Brook said...

I just love crazy book readers! And people who read in general. I really don't get people who don't read.
Like my fil. He reads the paper. That is it.
I know some people who don't read even that much.
Yikes! What do they do with all that space in their heads?
D is more like you-a few chapters at a time-not a few books at a time.
As for reading before bed-sometimes it makes me sleepy(I have books I keep for just that purpose)and sometimes I'm up til 3 because I can't put the book down.
How's the deck going?

Nej said...

I have, on occasion, spent the entire day reading. I'll admit...the last Harry Potter book did it to me. (blush) I've also spent entire camping vacations doing nothing but read. Something about swinging in a hammock, (reading napping reading napping reading napping) that makes for an awesome week! :-)

I also blame it on reading nothing but Stephen King for years and years. Once you get caught up and have read them all, you have to make the new releases stretch.

Coincidentally, I haven't read one of his books in a couple of years. I buy them though, and they sit on the shelves. One day I'll start back up again. :-)

The deck is looking fabulous, simply fabulous!!! I haven't seen the inside of my house, except to fall into bed and I haven't posted any pics yet (or stories, many stories). Maybe I can actually work on that tonight? (it's raining, Mot is back at work)

The CEO said...

I don't read as much as you do anymore. My wife reads more than you. So between the two of us, we probably average out to what you read. I read a lot on-line. I'm curious, what effect do you think the Kindle is going to have on people and their reading habits?

Huff Daddy said...

I used to read that much, when I was a kid. Now I'm a much slower reader. I get caught up in the words and the language, especially the word choice. Now a good year is about 25-30 books. Of course my reading choices have evolved to a little more difficult level. Now I'm reading a history of the medieval legal system. I also read a lot of analytical religion texts. I try to alternate fiction and non-fiction. And I try to work in some fluff. Sometimes I go through droughts where I can't find anything that interests me. Then I switch to magazines.

The bargain books at B&N are my achilles heal. Especially now that I have zero income and money. Luckily the nearest one is 2.5 hours. My Amazon wish list has grown to over 8 pages.

My grandmother was a librarian so the foundation for me was laid early. She used to record every book she read. She filled notebook after notebook. I do the same thing because of her. My list goes back to 1989 though I have evolved from notebooks to my computer.

The movers HATED moving my book stash.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

It's very strange, I don't read. Almost not at all. I've read very little my whole life. I read scientific articles, a something-something here and there and a book here and there but for some reason I don't read.

I wonder if for ever I got tricked by the infamous quote: "If I want to read a good book, I write one."

Of course, I don't write either.

Spellbound said...

Have you read Sharon McCrum? I just adore her ballad novels and she is from your neck of the woods. I met her last year at a book signing. I babbled.

ginstonic said...

books seem to be one of the harder things for me to get rid of too. I finally got a box together to take to our community clubhouse - it was like pulling teeth - even the couple of books that I didn't like. By the way some of them were your vacation romance novels - yes folks she reads trashy romance novels on vacations! Hey I read them too at your age (Sweet Savage Love, The Wolf & the Dove), but I just don't like cotton candy anymore.
I can't seem to quit reading Stephen King though I'm not waiting at the book store for the next release these days. Still love The Good Earth - I need to get a hardback copy. That's my gotta-read-it-at-least-once-a-year book.

Brook said...

Nej-I love Stephen King. My favorite is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I had to stop reading his stuff though because some of the darker stuff began to crop up in my dream time. Lazy days for reading and lounging and snoozing in a hammock are what it's all about.

CEO-Big Daddy D bought a kindle(used)from a friend and we both love it. It is excellent for trips and very convenient if you know what or who you want to read-I think it's hilarious that D has his Star Wars/space opera stuff mixed up with my hard core romance, and if we both want to read at the same time that presents a problem. I love the feel of the pages of my books though, so at least in the forseeable future I will continue to buy, borrow, or steal the printed page.

HD-I read mostly for escapist purposes-even the more *uh hum* intellectually stimulating material is for funsies. I know of a lady in her 90'swho has set out to read every book in her local library. She is in the S's or the T's and sharp as a tack.

LOE-You read. Sometimes is enough. You stay informed you take time to think. You write. Maybe a book of poetry is in your future.

Spellbound-never heard of her-I don't think anyway. Babbling happens. I would babble many times over if I met some of my favorite authors.

Mommy-you and I have ever disagreed about mind candy. But we both love to read other stuff. Love of reading is another thing I got from you I believe. And it's passing down the line. As I read and write today, B is reading beside me-one of her favorite series about cats I believe. The Good Earth is so good-I read it every year too. I read my copy of The Wolf and the Dove every year too.