Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I sit here in my pj's, nursing a reading hangover, with a snuggler in my lap. I love snuggling with the Kid when she is all sweet and warm from just waking up. She is growing and changing so fast, these moments of quiet and relative stillness are things to savor.
A Dunkin' Doughnuts just opened less than 5 minutes away by car-we were hoping for a Moe's.
If there were a sidewalk I would walk there and not worry about my indulgence in a chocolate doughnut.
I'm thinking of joining a nearby gym-I need some physical activity since ballet is a bust-a story for another day-I don't feel like ranting.
Gyms are kind of boring for me-so repetitious you know? I keep wondering if maybe I had someone to really help me, a personnal trainer I guess, it would be more interesting to me. I definitely get bored easily-too easily sometimes.
I can't figure out the reason my gravelly voice this morning. Maybe because I haven't really used it since lunch yesterday? Every word I say tickles me. It's kind of funny really, and makes me want to not talk too much and thereby preserve this new amusement.
Jeez. Look at the time...I need to take a shower.


Huff Daddy said...

I love the snuggly warm mornings too.

As much as we do love living in the sticks I too yearn for the time when I could walk everywhere. Maybe someday.

My gym membership just expired and I don't know what to do know. I hate putting a year in with seemingly no results. My attention span on a bike/treadmill/elliptical is about 10 minutes. SO I'm with you there.

Brook said...

HD-Snuggly warm mornings are love.
I hate our sidewalks to nowhere. What's the point?
I have no idea how many gym memberships I've had over the past 17 or 18 years-enough to know that going alone or with a friend doesn't really work for me for very long. I think I need a coach type person. Not a meany though. Then I'd just cry.

Amy said...

Hey!! Im with ya...Im doin the YMCA workout thing. Its workin for me now-maybe cause Logan likes the "kid's center" so much. I dont have a trainer-but i see them all the time-and have noticed some are very low key and non pushy. Anyway-I dont watch much tv besides Noggin and RHNY-so at the y I like having headphones and my own little tv to flip around on. Today I watched Corina Corina w/ whoopie while I walked...it helped detract myself-walked 3 miles! YAY!!
Snuggly babies are the best.

Amy said...

Corrina, Corrina

I was thinkin Corona actually....hummm

Brook said...

Amy-hmmmm. A beer does sound good. ;) Seriously though, the Y here is just too expensive-this other place is less-no childcare though. I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and go in and check it out.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

I love the way you have to make every daily life event sound so freakishly fantastic. I would marry you.

The CEO said...

Is tai chi out of the question? OK, how about some weight training! Or swimming?

I don't get warm snuggly mornings. Jake isn't into it. Maybe my sock cat!!!

Brook said...

DCN-I'm a drama queen it's true-I have to find some way to keep myself entertained. How's the job search going?

CEO(Monty!!!!)-Tai Chi is out. It's just not my bag baby. Weight training with a coach/trainer could be challenging-and like most cat's I hate the water. I can swim enough to not drown right away but it would take alot to get me into the water to exercise. Judy's are for snuggles-or so I suspect. And if you want cuddles from a cat you should cuddle the sock cat. That's a good idea =)

Nej said...

Sorry to hear ballet was a bust. That sucks!!!!

I brought my gym bag with me, so I could go after work. But all of the dog stuff has me bummed. Think I'll go home and hang with Mot. The gym can wait a day. (plus, the repetition kills me!!!)

Did you watch Friends when it was on? If so, do you remember the episode where Phoebe loses her voice....and loves it...because the gravel sounds so much sexier when she sings.

Then she gets over her cold, and is all bummed because the her normal voice is back. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-I'll be writing about the ballet(such drama deserves it's own spot) And yes-the gym will be there tomorrow-go hang with Mot.

Brook said...

Nej-and yes, Phoebe exactly!

Amy said...

You gonna tell us how to cook Spam? I am curious now. Pheobe was the only friend I liked.

Brook said...

tomorrow Amy!

WanderingGirl said...

A lot of gyms have classes... like y not-so-African-African-dance class. They're as good as the equipment and typically are included in your membership. Just sayin'. I take a book and read while I do cardio, that way I get my reading fix in while I get to ignore the other people in the gym, 'cause I don't like to talk.

PorkStar said...

Time to shower, it's like 11pm already, so yeah. Pretty much needed imsure. Jk.

Have a nice day. : )

Brook said...

WG-D says go for it-I still haven't walked into the place-maybe this afternoon when the mimion gets home. The kid issue has raised its little head(preschool is over for the summer but B is not out til the 10th).

PS-I was getting a little stinky there!