Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tacky Tuesday

Aside from my shoulder hurting like a bitch and this lingering vertigo I am feeling much better today thank you. I may even be able to safely operate a moving vehicle with the Kid securely ensconced inside.

I have to go shopping.

Stir Crazy thy name is Brook.

Plus I need batteries for my bathroom scale.

I admit to obsessively weighing myself.

Naked before bed.

Naked after morning ablutions(I could have just said pee but I am trying to exercise my brain)

Clothed nearly every time I enter that particular room over the course of the day.

I also -because I do have compulsive tendencies-know how much various items of clothing weigh so as not to be alarmed when I appear to have gained 2.6 lbs in 30 minutes.

And the batteries are kaput!


In other news I was able to prepare supper last night for the first time in 8 days-any meal actually. Big Daddy D stepped up and took care of meal times(a combination of eating out, take out, hot dogs, frozen pizza and left overs but hey-we were fed!)while I was incapacitated, and I am thankful.

Spaghetti-actually fusilli with marinara(homemade) and meatballs(from the freezer) was on the menu.

B helped quite a bit-manhandling the huge pot of water and draining the fusilli when it was done, checking on the meatballs and stirring the sauce.

She has almost gotten to the point that she can prepare a simple meal with little supervision. Yay!

Supper was good-though honestly spaghetti is not my most favorite- but it is certainly easy.

And today I have a yummy meatball sub for lunch!


Huff Daddy said...

Ditto on spaghetti feelings.

The CEO said...

Spaghetti beats licking dust off the table, just to be pragmatic for a second. And that sammich looks really good.

What do you weigh? 103?

Brook said...

Huff Daddy-I know-there are so many other delicious Italian dishes that I would rather eat.

CEO-The spaghetti was better than licking dust off the table and my current weight is about 124. Still a bit over ideal for my height and build but way better than what it used to be. 118ish is where I historically look and feel the best. The sandwich was delicious-better than supper last night for sure. Hmmm, maybe next time that's what I'll do.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

I haven't weighed myself in about 7 years. It's a no-no for me since my anorexic episode. Otherwise I become obsessive and have to make the numbers decrease every single day.

Brook said...

LOE-I get it, and I am glad you are over it-my crazies come out with doors being closed, lights turned on before I can go in a room, certain numbers, and placement of certain pieces of furniture. As long as it doesn't interfere with daily life I don't worry about it too much. Weighing myself remains in the realm of helpful tool, a reminder to obey my hunger and not my tastebuds.

Spellbound said...

Actually if I lick the dust off the table where a plate of spaghetti was sitting I would be afraid to step on the scale in the morning, so it sounds great to me. Glad you're up and feeling a bit better my dear.

Nej said...

It's no wonder the batteries are dead!!!! That's allot of weight checking! :-)

I do it once a week (on the same day each week), same time in the morning, when getting ready for work - naked.

I used to do it every morning, and got frustrated with the daily, unexplainable, ups and downs. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-I know! It's a little crazy and admittedly obsessive. I accept random fluctuations within a 3-4lb range. I tried the once a week thing but, my random weight fluctuation turned into slow but marked weight gain. So-on to the scale(be right back!)(snicker)