Thursday, March 19, 2009

TMI Thursday #3

Here we go again...
So if I were to be any other animal it would have to be a cat. I absolutely hate the water. I don't like swimming pools, I don't really like baths, and the first solar shower that comes out is mine. Don't get the wrong idea here , every day I do indeed get as mad as a wet cat. I put off the inevitable for as long as possible, but just like a cat I can't stand to be dirty and don't like to sweat either for that matter, but until I can't stand it anymore, I can find many many things to do besides take a shower.
This hasn't changed since back when I was single and dating(and a mom too).
I was dating this one guy, I'll call him Clint cause that was his name, and we had a hot date planned later, when he got off work(he managed a local video store so I didn't expect him til after 9). After I got B to bed I decided that I should shower-for the second time that day-because it had been at least 12 hours since the last one and well you know how that goes. But taking into consideration my dislike for water and the sense that I had plenty of time I started straightening the house. And preparing for my shower.

This entailed a similar mental process to the whole fight or flight thing with me taking off more and more clothes and still cleaning up.
Over the course of an hour or so I ended up naked with no idea what time it was, still not showered, vacuuming the living room rug.

I had been dating Clint for quite awhile and would leave the door unlocked for him.
He still knocked of course but would just walk on in.
With the vacuum going I couldn't hear anything.

Imagine my complete and utter shock and embarrassment when he opened the door and there I was in all my glory, vacuum in hand.

I dropped to the floor like I had been shot, completely mortified.

He, however, thought it was the most awesome thing he had ever seen and assured me I was the fulfilment of every pizza delivery boys dream "and look, I even have a pizza!" he says.


Nej said...

With picture and everything. :-)

Yeah, I can imagine how he thought it was a pretty sweet situation...and how you were completely and totally caught off guard...funny!

Mot is a shower taker. Has to have one in the am to wake up...and enjoys taking them whenever he can.

I, on the other hand, am like you. I know I need to, and I do...but I'm not happy about it. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-I am pretty sure he was thrilled.
I don't understand those incessant shower takers-though I am glad they don't stink.
I think the saying is actually mad as a wet hen-and that's me baby.

Big Daddy D-I believe the pics were my idea actually, and yes it was a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

I myself am a shower taker and can't function until one is had - kinda like: instant human, just add hot water. Nonetheless, I could give up showers to be a cat. Who doesn't love a tongue bath? :p

I am soo far behind on your blog. 100+!? That's amazing.

p.s. I loved the bellybuttons - it made me cry. call me tomorrow after 11a.m. - Troy goes into work late on Fridays.

The CEO said...

I'm a shower taker too. I'll take any shower you want to skip Brook.

Derek, you got the girl, the dinners, the peach cake, the broken beds, who cares about who took the picture? You got it ALL. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Dark Cloud Nine said...

wow don't you look hot! Well I am a crazy shower taker... I love the water... and also can't function before I've had one...zombie type. I also wash my hair every single time, which means that some days my hair gets washed 3 times, don't ask, my hair hates me!! hehehe no it doesn't (*pets her hair gently like a crazy cat lady*)

But as far as the naked vacuum thing goes, I get it... I asked my man to clean the house naked once as a joke, and I found it pretty fun... hehe. :D

Brook said...

LOVE-jsut deal, too hard to backspace right now-I suffer from mild dyslexia even typing and just fuck it. I know-totally hot! That pic is 10 years old and I am proud to say I am so there again and have it on reliable authority that there are less dimples even. Soft blonde hair is very pettable though I must say my candy apple red is my current fave.
Naked person cleaning house seems to be a favorite of many it turns out-I had no idea.

Huff Daddy said...


Brook said...

HD-'nuff said! hope your headache thing gets better. Heard anything yet?

WanderingGirl said...

Schnikeys sister!!!

Spellbound said...

Indeed a lucky man. We are opposite on the water thing, although I go about the house accidently naked at times water is my element.

Brook said...

WG-hey, you are taking African Dance classes-I know you can shake that groove thing! And I am also sure you have a great time when you do!

Spellbound-I am always traipsing through the house naked and it is usually during my efforts to put off the shower. My element is metal I think, according to the chinese stuff, though I am a Libra which is contradictory-and let me tell ya, I am all Libra!

rachaelgking said...

I had no idea you were doing TMI Thursday! I'll link you from now on- the link back to the "TMI hub" is


Brook said...

LiLu-it just happened-through twitter and Spellbound I believe. I love it. I am not so good with the link stuff-not savvy in the slightest-but I'll give it a shot.