Monday, November 24, 2008


Whoa! That smarted. Let me explain succintly about yesterday. 5 years less 7 weeks ago my third child, Maggie, died three days after her third birthday. Croup. No vaccine or antibiotic for it. We did take her to the doctor. He assured us that 99.99% of children survive and that we were doing everything right in taking care of her. That night she quit breathing. We were right there, did infant CPR and 911 responded within 12 minutes. They were able to resuscitate her body but she, our Maggie, was gone.

We found out the hard way not to count on percentages, to live every day as if it is your last and to let go so that you can go on.

So yesterday I was basking on the proverbial beach, soaking up the rays and enjoying the moment, when suddenly a tidal wave of grief broke over me.
It happens.
I just hold my breath, look for daylight and start swimming up.
I refuse to drown in grief, that does no honor to my Love.
I head for shore because I can't swim in grief, it does no honor to my Loves.
I walk in sunlight.
I love and laugh.
I live to honor my Loves.

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WanderingGirl said...

Oh, what a strong heart you have, Brook. I hope you passed that onto your Loves as well.