Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was getting worried for a minute there! I missed 2-count them-2 ballet classes and was thinking that maybe subconsciously I was bored or didn't love ballet as much as I thought I did(you know that circuitous logic that takes over rational thought at 4am!). As a kinda grown up person and a mom to boot, I have gotten used to plugging on and trudging through and all that jazz no matter how I actually feel and honestly, most of the stuff I do is horrid chore type crap that I hate and never feel like doing anyway, so when I didn't feel like going to ballet I assumed it(ballet) had been relegated to chore or- GASP-exercise level and I couldn't believe I had tricked myself so thoroughly that I(who have major schedule commitment issues)would sign up for not one, but two ballet classes per week! Sooo, anyway, determined to keep on keeping on but mostly not have to tell everyone that I was wrong about loving ballet or become a quitter, I set my alarm for 7:15 am so as not to miss yet another class. Am I ever glad I set that clock! My class was awesome, I felt so good and less silly ostrich in tutu(just watch Disney's first Fantasia to get my mental picture)than I ever have to date and had so much fun that I didn't want to stop! I just wanted to do ballet all day, I was sad to have to leave and I can't wait for my next class! What does it all mean you ask? What's the moral of this story? Did I have a semi psycho moment brought on by insomnia or what? As whats his face used to say "And now for the rest of the story". Remember that I was stricken recently with an evil stomach bug and a not so evil but well thrown lipstick case? Well, as it so happens, when you're sick and mildly concussed you actually don't want to do anything-even those things you really truly love to do- like cook or have sex or especially BALLET! I hate being sick. Well, sometimes being sick is good cause then someone else will clean the toilets. Okay okay! That never happens, but I don't feel so bad about not getting those toilets clean when I am under the weather. Back to ballet. I love ballet. I love that it is just for me. Let's face it, cooking is about fixing delicious food and getting a thrill from other peoples enjoyment and, well, sex- as much as I love that particular activity-is generally a 2 person party. I absolutely love ballet, and I am so glad that I have something that I love that is mine! So whew! I DO LOVE BALLET!

On a completely different note, as you might or might not know the 3yr old was a baby Munchkin in the ballet school's very professional production of Dorothy's Adventures in Oz and just now decided to paint herself with green toothpaste and become the "evil witch". What will she think of next?


Lyvvie said...

Of course as a blogger you took pictures of the green child, right??

Brook said...

You know I actually didn't this time, looked up from typing when she said "I'm the evil witch" thought to myself, "yup, you're evil alright" and kept on typing with a "that's nice sweetheart, mommy's working." I usually take one pic a day-long story-so maybe she'll still have the green stuff on for that one.

WanderingGirl said...

That's awesome. Obviously, the girl has gotten your creative streak!