Thursday, November 13, 2008


Kids! Why do we have these again? I mean I like it when they enjoy the food I prepare and do all those niggly chores I don't want to do but then I have to turn around and pick 'em up from club, take them karate, dance, rehearsals, performances and indoor play facilities when it's raining. What about me? Who is gonna cart me around to all my fun stuff-oh wait! I don't have time for fun stuff(or the $$ either) cause it's all spent on them. I spend more time than I should asking myself these questions and then this happens blowing my annoyances out of the water and I find myself falling in love with my kids again!


WanderingGirl said...

OMG she is so beautiful.

My parents firmly maintain they had children to change the television channel in the days prior to remote controls.

I think your profile picture is lovely!

Brook said...

Thanks, I think she is too! I tell B all the time that she was born to serve me LOL!