Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting started

Cranberry sauce done, tea eggs done, pumkin pie done, pecan pie done, stuffed dates done, ambrosia done, herbed yogurt cheese done. Still need to get the onions caramelized, the turkey in the brine, and brussel sprouts and radishes cut and quartered, and a quick trip to the grocery for cool whip(how did I forget that?) and parmesan cheese and I'll be done for today, with very little to do tomorrow. Well, except for the housecleaning but I have people for that. Big Daddy D and B to be exact. I love Thanksgiving and I really wish my sister could have made it up. She and her family (of course they're her family, what-would she be with someone else's family? Sometimes the things we say don't make any sense ya know?) live in So. Florida and that's a long drive/expensive flight and it just didn't happen. Maybe they'll make it up to play in the snow at Christmas!

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WanderingGirl said...

Man, I have first dibs on the leftovers!