Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I gots me some of dem der shape up shoes t'other day.
I been warin em now fer 2 days.
I thenk theys broken cuz dangit my big ol butt is still heer.


Nej said...


Brook said...

I just couldn't help myself.

Victoria said...


Oh, how I've wanted these shoes. I actually went and talked to a Sketcher-person about them. I love the chunky round platform. $110.00tho = couldn't do it right now.

Recall Dr. Scholl's (sp?)? They, too, were exercise shoes. lol!

Brook said...

Victoria-I'm hoping they will live up to their claim of improving posture and stability since I seem to have issues with those.
You guys know I fell down the porch stairs and severely sprained my ankle didn't you?
I've been a bad blogger. Bad blogger bad blogger.
Anyway, Big Daddy D was as indulgent as ever and said I could go ahead a get them since they were the same cost as our typical weekly grocery budget but the kids are gone and I haven't needed to actually go to the grocery store and well, you get the idea. So I sprained my ankle really bad back at the beginning of June and am just getting back to my walking routine and needed new shoes blah blah blah...I got the black and white tennies and put in the black laces. And since I'm so short and therefor my pants are so long that even if I felt weird-which I don't-about the chunky rocker bottom, it doesn't matter since no one can see anything but the toes anyway.
BTW I can barely walk a quarter mile(like I mean it)these days. That fucking sucks but at least I can perambulate all day whereas I couldn't even do that a few weeks ago.
Hmmm, maybe I should have blogged this. Oh well.
I do remember Dr Scholls, and begged for some sandals back in the day. Those and some Candies. Damn that was a long time ago. I am NOT going to do that math!

Victoria said...

Tom (a manly man, mind you) wants some of these shoes, too, because their design suggests that they work. The Sketcher-woman I talked to convinced me that they do work. Get them. I made the Dr. Scholl joke only because I got them (back then) for the style - though they worked, too. "Awesome for balance" that's what the woman said. I'm all in (just have no $$!!)