Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog farts are almost stinkier than husband farts.
Never let your hair dry most of the way wrapped in a towel.
When everything is done it's hard to do anything else.
Boogers. Everyone has them, the lucky ones have dogs who eat them.
Kipper is awesome.
The Kid has more clothes than I do.
I have the most shoes.
Sometimes, when you cut the tip off the ear of corn, the caterpillar falls out in two pieces.
Sometimes you find alot of pieces.
I found two moths fucking in my spoonful of milk and cereal.
Then the cereal-box and all-went into the trash.
Cats generally don't do well on walkies.
Laughter is an incredible aphrodisiac.
Venture Bros has come in quite handy.
I like lots and lots of pillows on the bed.
The weather here is actually pretty great.
Walking just a quarter mile with purpose is better than no walk at all.
Coffee is the bomb.


Huff Daddy said...

With you all most 100%, except Venture Brothers is new to me and it is too damn hot here. :-\

WanderingGirl said...


Nej said...

I'll trade you weather systems? When I send mine down, I'll include a fresh box of cereal!!! :-)

Brook said...

HD-venture Bros is pretty darn funny. If you can start at the beginning, the effect is cumulative.
WG-why thank you!
Nej-I think mine is great compared to what every one else is complaining about. It still feels hot and humid to me. You know, I ended up throwing out nearly everything in that cupboard because the thought of finding another moth (in whatever stage of development or activity)was giving me the heeby jeebies. Come visit whenever you like. We have a for real guest room with a bed and everything.

Huff Daddy said...

When I was a kid we had a moth infestation in our cereal boxes. I don't think throwing cereal out was an option for us. :-) I remember we would shake the box with it wide open to get them to fly out before we poured the cereal into our bowl. Of course there's the issue with the pupae. Wasn't really too much trouble picking them out except for with Rice Krispies. :P Maybe if my Mom and Dad ate cereal too we would have been able to get new fresh, moth-free cereals.

Brook said...

There were usually 6 of us eating cereal so we never really had that problem when I was a kid. I do remember finding webs in the flour and cornmeal and those little bugs. I have to say we just sifted those out. Still, the flour was COOKED, not eaten raw like my frickin' cereal. *shudders with slight gagging*