Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What now?

I still have a pain in my neck.
The whiplash incident required that I put my dance class on hold.
That was rough-I love ballet.
And then...
Politics(not mine), gossip(I did listen), poor organization and double billing all conspired(along with injury) to end my budding dance career. For a while. There is another school of dance in town. I will be taking the Kid there when classes start up again. Hopefully they will have something for me too, and hopefully I will be in better shape by then.
In the meantime I have gained 3 fucking pounds. As obsessed as I can be, I am trying not to fixate on this but...I think it is a wake up call.
My clothes are all still fitting fine, but my wind is gone.
As a matter of fact I can tell that I am experiencing loss of muscle tone in my legs.

So yesterday I joined a gym.
I will walk on the treadmill and use other cardio equipment.
I have to do something and this may be it.
I mean, I'm a little afraid to get into any hurkey jurkey classes because of my neck.
I'm also a little afraid of lifting weights.
What ever!!!!!!!
They have some personal trainers who can help me with that stuff as I get my ass in gear.
And it is.
Getting in gear.
It's a low one but I can shift up as I go along.
So every once in awhile, ask me how it's going.
I promise I'll tell you the truth.
Now, I need to fix a couple of lunches and get ready to do a little sweaty stuff.
I think I need an MP3 player.


Nej said...

Good for you, for having the motivation to get yourself in gear (no matter what gear it is)!!!

I'm trying, but am so darned busy after work, I can't get into any kind of routine. It's killing me.

I want to workout three times a week, and I think the only time I can manage it, is in the am before work. I hate gym showers!!!

I hate picking out my work clothes early - I dress by what mood I'm in. How am I going to know what mood I'm in that early in the morning?? :-) :-) :-)

Brook said...

Nej-40 minutes on the treadmill-my legs are a little twangy but I barely broke a sweat, and I don't think I got my heart rate up very high but I'd just as soon not kill myself right off the bat. I will work on that though. I'm just glad I made it out the door. And through the tornado. Yep-there was a tornado. A real one. Mornings have always been better for me even though I hate gym showers too. This gym does offer a yoga/pilates class in the evenings that could be good, once I can, you know, turn my head without having to think about it first. As for morning moods-I find that usually after my(former ballet class)workout I'm in a pretty good mood.

Nej said...

Tornado?!?! Awesome!!! We usually have had a TON of them by this time of the year...and we haven't had one yet. The weather this year is just plain crazy.

I'm going to give the gym showers in the morning a shot. It's my only hope right now. Sick of being an overweight lazy body. (hehe)

40 minutes on the treadmill, is better than no minutes. You're being smart about not killing yourself off right away!!!

Brook said...

Nej-that is exactly how I feel-better a little than none. And we never have tornados here and we've had 2 so far since Spring. I'll be sure to tell the next one it is missed. Just remember your flip flops for the shower and hey-how'd your hair turn out? Whoops that was kinda ADD wasn't it? Anyway-you can do it! How 'bout we be long distance workout buddies? It helps that this gym is only a mile and a half from my house, if there was a sidewalk I could walk there(hehehehehehehe)If there were sidewalks here that went anywhere I wouldn't need the gym for treadmill usage now would I?

Huff Daddy said...

Good for you!

My membership expired and I can't afford a new one so that's the end of that. :(

I highly recommend an MP3 player. You can get 2GB ones really cheap now a days and that's all you need for the gym. I can't go without one.

Good for you on 40 minutes. at 20 minutes I've saturated my attention span so I do cardio, lift weights and then another 20 minutes of cardio. I used to read magazines while on the the cardio but this gym doesn't have the equipment such that I can get the magazine in the right position for me to read them :/

Yoga might actually help your neck.

I don't mind gym showers. I was shocked by that myself. I really feared it until I did it the first time. Maybe it's a guy thing though.

You might want to check to see if your gym has heart rate monitors that attach to the equipment. Ours does but I'm too big for one to fit me so it is a moot point. Supposedly it is the way to maximize your workout. You'd never know it looking at me but I actually know a lot about fitness from the techy-geeky side.

Victoria said...

Yay! I'm happy for you, Brook!

Working out really does put a whole new spin on everything.

I had a membership that I allowed to laspe - reading your post was kind of like a *nudge*. I needed that.

(thank you!)

PS ballet = awesome (have you ever taken latin dance classes? I never have - so want to..)

Brook said...

HD-duh-my phone is an mp3 player anyway-no need to go buy one-duh a matter of fact I have my old phone designed for music playing and it has earbuds and a removable memory card. Duh huh huh. I have an amazing ability to zone out on a treadmill. I just discovered this superpower this morning. You're right, yoga could be good for my neck but I have to get in a groove with being active again after 2 months of NOTHING-I mean nothing at all except walking in the grocery store or occasionally the mall. We're talking maybe an hour or two a week. That is so not good. Oh well, I am over that. This place supposedly just bought new top of the line cardio equipment and according to its reading of my pulse through my palms I got my heart rate up to 109 bpm. Now I have no real idea what I should have as my target but they have a chart for that hanging up-I just didn't bother to read it. And well, being techy geeky is fine-you don't have to be a cordon bleu chef to know something is good when you taste it! ;)

Victoria-it did feel good to actually do something and feel my muscles working. And even though it wasn't much I think I still got a little endorphin rush.
I love ballet-love love love ballet. I do not care how bad I suck or that I don't speak ballet-I love it and want to do it again-I will do it again.
Ever heard of Zumba? I have never done ANY dancing really until ballet last fall but I have heard that it is a fun latin dance type class and will kick your butt if you are into that kind of thing. Glad to be a nudger-we all need it sometimes(especially me)

WanderingGirl said...

Put the treadmill on an incline and watch your heart rate rise right along with it. You don't even have to go fast. And you'll see the muscle tone come right back. It's good stuff.

Good for you.

WV is "wastr"... like, don't be a wastr of your new gym membership.

Brook said...

WG-I did the interval program, varying between 2.6 mph and 0% grade and 3.5mph and 5% grade. I so have no clue but I think I will make it just a bit harder tomorrow-little steps are better for me than I like to think.
Heard anything yet?
I am going to the gym 4 days a week-I have a very workable plan(Yeah for preschool!)

Victoria said...

If you have taken ballet - you can pretty much handle anything!

I've heard the word "zumba". It's in the air - but I have no idea what it is!

Spellbound said...

I love/hate the gym. I go at least 6 days a week. I don't mind the showers but I am an idiot and always leave something essential at home and have to race back there before I can go to work.

I too have been on a mission to take off a few. Eternal vigilance is the price of fitting into my skinny jeans.

Brook said...

Spellbound-I am thankful that I don't really need to worry about gym showers-though if I have to I don't mind all that much-but I gotta wear flip flops! And skinny jeans are my joy-and my motivation! I love them.