Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am a priss.
Not a major one but I like to be pampered as much as the next gal.
I am a bit leery of non-English speaking nail spas these days and haven't found anyone I trust to keep a clean shop.

Anyway I am dying for a mani/pedi and can't bring myself to go to any of the shops I can afford.
The good news is that I can do a pretty good job myself and the Kid isn't here to help!
And that is as exciting as it is today.
Nice huh?


Amy said...

very nice. i can't seem to resist peeling off polish though.

Brook said...

Amy-it is fun to look down at my pretty polished toes. I've never been much of a polish picker. I am a compulsive nail polish buyer. If it's a dollar it's mine. I have a drawer dedicated to polish. Crazy.