Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suck It!

Having been turned into what can only be described as a slug the past few weeks I have felt increasingly despondent about my lack of activity and slow but seemingly inevitable gain of weight.

Getting out of the shower and drying off I reach into the laundry basket and grab a pair of jeans. Not really paying attention I thrust my legs in and start pulling up.

Further evidence of my journey to flabbitude.

I jump.

Do the chicken dance.

The pants make it up.

The zipper and button meet and close without too much trouble.

Lots of muffin top but eh, whatcha gonna do?

Finally I look down.

And realize...


Now as I've stated many times I have no desire to be a walking talking bag of bones, and really no desire to be a muscle bound hard body.

I am neither.

But that crazy voice I keep hearing in my head,

The one telling me I'm fat...

Hand carefully placed to disguise said muffin top cause you guys don't need to see everything!


Huff Daddy said...

Looks Good to me!

Brook said...

HD-Thank you!

Nej said...

Wait, wait, got into a pair of size 3's, and a well placed hand hid what little muffin top you think it gave you?

I hate you.

(but I mean that with all the love I have!)

:-) :-) :-)


Brook said...

Nej-I am definitely NOT a size 3. I think the pants were about half spandex-really. I think I do have a pic minus the hand with the muffin top. Notice also the careful angle of the pose and that my gut was MAJORLY sucked in and you will have a better idea of the reality. But that voice telling me I'm a fat ass cow has been, for the moment anyway, silenced!

Nej said...

If you could get them on, buttoned, and didn't put someone's eye ARE NOT A FAT ASS COW!!!! :-)

(just sayin') :-)

Brook said...