Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modern Machines

The Elliptical Trainer.

It may be low impact but when one has barely moved for 7 weeks...


It kicked my ass.

In only 10 minutes I might add.

We are meeting up again tomorrow for Round 2.

(image from Fitness Plus)


Nej said...

Elliptical Trainer - you're going dooowwwn. :-)

Brook said...

Nej-I am determined. It might take a few weeks but yeah, that thing is going dooowwwn! All kidding aside it was very hard to just move. The machine itself seems easy peasy, the sustained activity was the hardest part. Tomorrow maybe I can make it 15 minutes!

Nej said...

The boredom gets me...bad...on that thing. When I signed up for personal training a month or so ago...the first day, for my cardio, I was getting ready to jump on the elliptical...and my trainer stopped me. Said I'd get more bang for my buck walking on the incline treadmill at an 18% grade, at a speed of 2.5 mph. I thought he was crazy...only 2.5?

I'm now a believer. :-) :-)

Brook said...

Nej-the incline of a treadmill is really great for increasing the efficiency of your workout. How are you doing with the marathon training? Isn't that the program your doing on your ipod? And how are your shins? And did you find the green shoes? these are burning questions that plague me...

Nej said...


Marathon training is pretty much at a stand still right now. I was finally cleared to start running last week. 2 minutes run, 1 minute walk...repeat 5 more times. Do the math, that's a whoppin' 12 minutes of running. A little over a mile. least it's something.

For the low impact, high cardio calorie burning stuff, I'll be an incline trainer believer forever and ever. There are only 2 of them at the gym I go to most often, and luckily one of them is usually open. Once the new year's resolutions kick in again, I'll probably have to fight for it. When I'm there, I do circuit training. 5 min cardio, then three reps of weights, rinse and repeat. So, once I give the machine up, I might not get it back. :-)

I use my iPod for everything at the track my distance and time when running....for music and rehearse for the quartet performances we have coming up (no, I"m not singing out loud, but I am learning new music that way....keeping from singing out loud is HARD!!). Lately I've been listening to books on tape when working out. Seems funny, and non-motivational...but actually, it keeps me from getting bored. I'm not always where I can watch a TV (when I'm doing weights) so it's a good alternative. :-)

No, no green shoes. :-( I have some open toed black pumps, and I'll paint my toenails and fingernails bright green...that will have to do. :-)

Wow - that was a long winded response, wasn't it? :-) :-)

Brook said...

Nej-whew, I can move on to other burning questions now. The vebration of my foot hitting the treadmill sets off ... uncomfortable twinges so the elliptical will have to do. Being patient is so hard-especially when you have a goal and encounter setbacks. As for the green polish, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Go for it!

Nej said...

Yeah, I'd stay away from the uncomfortable twinges too!!! :-) :-)