Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Camo Cat-unretouched in case you're wondering.

My writer self has wandered and I was, you know, just wondering if any of you have seen her? If you do see her, send her back my way please. I kind of miss her and her words that captured my heart and soul and imagination in a way that I could share and through that feel connected to a world larger than the one inside my bed, my room, my house, my head.

"You only live once you know." said MIL
"I know, you might as well have fun, there aren't any do-overs." says I.
Big Daddy D pipes in, "I don't know, sometimes you get a phone number."

Speaking of...

It may be time to get Blue a blow up cat. Or take him in for a little operation. Blue is getting to that age where Mom's don't ask what their little boy is doing all that time in the shower.
Don't ask.
Oh wait, it's TMI Thursday so I'll tell you anyway.

I'm laying in bed minding my own business when Blue leaps up beside me for a cuddle/purr session. I'm petting his fuzzy ears when he squirms away and tackles my forearm. He grabs my wrist and licks/nibbles the back of my hand, straddles my arm and paddles his back feet and I'm going "HOLY SHIT! This cat is masturbating on my fucking arm!"
Which he was.



Dark Cloud Nine said...

aww... now I want to know: who was color blind enough to call him blue?

Brook said...

DCN-color or blindness had nothing to do with it. Names are crucial at our house as persuasive arguments on the why we should get this(insert pet here). I had told D that the next pet would be named Blue. So we could say "You're my boy Blue!" ("Old School" a foavorite movie of D's), but he's also my "Little Boy Blue", my blue Blue boy. The Girl is fond of saying "His name is Blue, but he's orange, but his name is Blue." She has also informed us that she wants a blue cat and to name him Orange. That girl is so ironic.

WanderingGirl said...

I don't know, he could have just been beating you to death with his rabbit feet, which is a favorite game of both of my cats. Or he could have been beating himself to death. Either way, he IS the right age for the brain surgery, so OFF HE GOES!

Nej said...

I've never had a cat do that to my leg....well, any part of me.

Although, now that I think about it, I've only ever had girl cats.

He's beautiful, by the way!!!!

Brook said...

Nej-all I can say is apparently boys will be boys.