Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Or what to do with left over pot roast.

My Pasties ;)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Get the box of pie crusts out of the fridge(I just use the store brand that’s rolled) and set aside.

Shred about 2 cups of leftover pot roast and put in a large bowl.

Peel and cut up two average size rutabagas and two smallish turnips and pop them in the microwave(mine is 700watts and has a fresh vegetable button)(they don’t get done done, but tender) and add them to the meat.

Chop up an onion and cook it in butter or olive oil over medium heat til transparent and add them to the meat and veg mixture.

If you have any gravy left from the roast stir in enough to moisten the mixture without it being soupy-if there’s no gravy left don’t worry about it. Salt and pepper to taste. I use LOTS of fresh ground black pepper.

Roll out the pie crusts and cut them in half-there will be four half circles.

Put the crusts on a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan.

Mound up some meat mixture on half of the half pie crust and fold the crust over, wetting the inside edge helps it stick, and press with a fork to seal. Repeat with the remaining crusts.

If you have any filling left it can go in the freezer.

Poke them with a fork and pop them in the 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes and eat 'em up.

Careful! They are HOT and DELICIOUS!


Huff Daddy said...

ya hey der they are! I loved eating 'em when I was a troll! ;D

Brook said...

Pasties are so very delicious and since I had a request for the recipe and made an effort to type it up I figured I'd go ahead and post it too. We love them!

ginstonic said...

Is this similar to the UP-Michigan recipe?

Brook said...

Yes it is Mom-I can't find my recipe book but I do remember that one.

Amy said...

This sounds like "hot pockets" X delishousness!!!!