Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a girl thing

I hate cramps.
Thankfully they have medicine for that.

The kiddo is finally well enough to go to school.
Thank god.

It's my own choice of course but I end up with her head on my lap when she's ill which greatly limits my ability to do housework and more importantly, pee when I need too.

I've done no cooking lately-just pulling stuff out of the freezer(weehoo for double batches!) and haven't been to the grocery store either(except for the five minute eggs bread milk run of course).

I'm looking forward to not hearing the phone ring and some no sick kid time to get stuff done.
The worry free alone time is good too.


ElaineHaley said...

Don't miss cramps but do miss my babies snuggling with me when they were sick.

Brook said...

The ups and downs of motherhood cannot be overstated can they Elaine? I miss my big girl snuggling and the kiddo will soon give it up I'm sure. It makes me wonder which day the baby smell disappeared from their necks you know?