Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Mistakes happen, accept it and move on.
Wash your hands before you leave the thrift store-especially if you can't remember to put BIODEGRADABLE wipes in the car.
Sometimes cats are really loud and demanding.
Sometimes dogs are too.
I dream of knitting and crocheting.
I dream of feeding hedgehogs with tiny bottles.
It is quite cold and rainy today.
Pain is exhausting.
I love mint mojito gum and buy a pack every time I see it for sale.
I'm hungry.
Finding a chair that doesn't want to kill me is going to be a job.
I'm hungry.
Wait I already said that.
I love lying in bed when I've just woken up because for those few minutes I can pretend that everything is fine and the world and my back are at peace.
Since it's raining I need to change out of these flip flops.


Geri said...

I LOVE "Random Tuesday!" I feel you on so many of those points too!

Nej said...

Hedgehogs and tiny bottles...I've never had that dream....but it sounds like fun!!!!!

Brook said...

First off I'd like to say that you two are definitely off the smash list.
Geri I'm pretty sure there is a reason we were friends in HS and picked it up so easily again this year thought many years have gone by in the interim.
Nej the dream was even weirder than that. The hedgehog started out as a little golden puppy with extra legs which when amputated left little flaps of skin on his hips. As he was batting at the bottle I suddenly realized that he was indeed a hedgehog and a playful one at that. Strange.

Nej said...

puppy into hedgehog...and little leg flaps.....he sounds...ummm....cute? (hehehehe)

Brook said...

If cute can encompass strange then cute he was indeed!

ginstonic said...

I love the way things transform in dreams, not just objects (livng and inanimate), but also time , space and circumstance. I wish I remembered my dreams more, they are usually quite intrigueing.
Hope all your dreams are happy ones and all your wishes come true.
Love ya