Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes I'm too sensitive, it seems

You know I really just don't feel like writing much today.
I'm concerned about the slow progress of my back/leg situation.
I'm concerned about the financial aspects of that situation as well.
I prefer to not dwell on it too much.
I had a great time during my girl's weekend.
My leg is paying the price but it was so worth it.
I spent my tattoo money to go on the trip, and that was worth it too.
When I mentioned it, I immediately heard "Don't get a tattoo!!!!!! Those things are NASTY!!!!!!!"
It didn't really bother me when it was said on Sunday.
This morning it does.

Why is that?

Fucking judgmental asshat with no clue about what you're saying.
Let it go.
I need to go blow dry my hair.
Which is going back to red.



Victoria said...

You are so NOT nasty!

Victoria said...

PS: the WV for this was "hotess" which I'm going to assume meant "hotness".

just sayin'

Brook said...

Victoria-Thank You!!!!! I Know! I talk about sex alot and cuss more than a "lady" should but it's not like I plan on getting "SLUT" or something tattooed on my forhead. Really, I thought about the comment too much for my own good and I hate when I do that. And then I went back and edited myself(you caught it pre edit)but I ended up just changing the header after all. Cause before I completed the changes you had come to my defense. Really really thank you. My hero!
And I'll take "hotness" over "nasty" any day of the week(unless the right person whispers it just the right way at just the right time ;) You my friend,, are wonderful.

ginstonic said...

I am so lost on this. What girl's weekend, and who said something negative about you getting a tattoo? Unsolicited advice SUCKS! Even from your mom, maybe especially from your mom.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

hm, tattoos are like everything with character: it leaves very few indifferent, and that's what is so cool about them :)

Listen to you only, because others well... come and go. And those who will stick will learn to love the things you love (and vice versa).

I love my tattoos - and tattoos in general.

Huff Daddy said...

One of my favorite quotes, don't know who by:

The thing that most non-tattooed people don't realize is that those with them don't give a damn that those without them don't have any.

Hmmm, my WV was rednes.

WanderingGirl said...

You'll feel better when your hair's back to red!

Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice trip--vacations are so worth it. you can always save up again for the tat (ouch!). :) i'm too wimpy to get one...i can't even get my ears double pierced without fainting.

hope things are going better and that your feeling better soon.

Nej said...

You are not nasty, tattoos are not nasty...so, if you get a tattoo, there's no chance of it being nasty.

Opinions from others are just that...opinions. Ask the millions of people who have tattoos if they appreciate being called nasty. It's like telling someone that wearing black shoes is gross. It's all a matter of opinion. :-)

Love ya babe. Now save up that tattoo money again, pronto!! :-) :-)