Thursday, October 1, 2009

The sun has set on summer I loved her and squeezed her and called her George
I sent George, Stark, Sancho, and Sneezy to a new home

I recieved a wonderful photograph(and more) from Tangobaby!

The usual suspects...Look at them breaking the rules and sitting on the counter!

Adventures in breadmaking...Success!


"His name is Blue...but he's orange but his name is Blue" The Kid

Blue taking Opals bed...

Sherried pork roast and pears, snow peas, baguette and apple pudding w/ fresh whipped cream

Blue falling asleep while trying to catch his tail

Things are finally shaping up here for me. The house is a mess, the laundry mountain is back and I feel more rushed than ever most days but I don't feel like crying all the time anymore and that is pretty damn good if you ask me.


Huff Daddy said...

I'll say it's good!

Brook said...

HD-I ain't knockin' it that's for darn sure.

WanderingGirl said...

I like it! I think everything looks grand... and you can always shove a mountain of laundry in the closet.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

that kitty is plain tooooo cute

Brook said...

WG-hahaha...the closet is where my clean laundry mountain is!

DCN-he is waaay to cute...even when he's being bad he makes my heart smile.

Nej said...

Laundry will always, always, always be there. So who cares if there's a mountain of it. :-)

And, might I say, you have an awesome looking family!!!!!!! :-)

Brook said...

Nej-they are awesome-a bunch of goofballs really! I'm close to Mt Everest status with my laundry currently. But I have started to tackle it today.

Victoria said...

Hey, you baked bread! *yum*

Great photos, Brook. Thank god for your blog (and thank you for your message, I absolutely needed to hear that ..and yeah, I already put it into draft! I know, Iknow..)

I'm rehashing old posts now. Going back to look at the rest of your pix (my computer is sloooow tonight).

ginstonic said...

Glad to see you blogging more often. It seems to keep you closer to me even than phone calls - and I like you close to me.
Love, mom