Monday, September 28, 2009

Warm rumpled linens caress my skin


I slowly wake
Langorous in the pre dawn light

His head pushes hard into my hand
I stroke

His body presses hard into mine
I curl around him

Savoring the warm and soft
I bask in our embrace

His purrs rumble through me
Becoming my own


My Blue kitty love


Nej said... did you ever drag yourself away from that bed???? No way I could have! :-)

Brook said...

Well...actually I pretty much stayed snuggled in til almost 11. Then I had to rush rush rush cause I had to get the girls lunch money to them before lunch time. It was nice.

Nej said...

Jealous! :-)

Dark Cloud Nine said...

kitty love is definitely one of the greatest loves :)


Brook said...

DCN-Definitely! He is stretched out beside right now as a matter of fact. Purr indeed!

WanderingGirl said...

He is a wonderful snuggler! It's hard to believe he was such a hiss-pot to start with, huh? I love that he's continued to evolve into such a mushy lovey boy! His making biscuits reminds me of the old "time to make the donuts" commercial.

Brook said...

WG-!!!!Dunkin Donuts!

ginstonic said...

more pics of BLue please