Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hangover

(These pics are from my own trip to Vegas three years ago- with my grandma, mom, and my oldest-4 generations on the best road trip ever. No rufies or hangovers here-just an awesome 3 weeks on the road out West!)

No no, I'm not talking about mine-one of which I do not have for the record. I'm talking about the movie which is outrageously hilarious. Thank god we went and saw it on a weeknight well after the opening. I laughed so loud and so hard and talked to all those crazy guys on the screen so much that any other day I would have been politely escorted to the door. The only reason I think I was permitted to stay is that it seems I was saying things the rest of the people were thinking. Don't ask me anymore. All the laughter and the beer and the sex have become jumbled up in my mind and have left me with vague fuzzy memories of just how it all went down.
Just kidding.
The funniest part was... well all of it. Those of you who have seen it know it's true. The capper? As we were leaving one guy turns to his companion and said "I need a rufie" so I turn to him and ask(cause I do indeed feel perfectly free to eavesdrop and then clarify what I just heard with the eavesdropee) "Did you just say you want a rufie?" and he said "Yes, yes I did." Then we all laughed. I bet he goes to Vegas soon.
For the record laughter is not only the best medicine it is also a powerful aphrodisiac. I tell ya, things here go back and forth and up and down (gosh you have a dirty mind-oh wait...that's me) but last night was an excellent reminder of why it is worth sticking out this rough patch.
It is great to be a little drunk, raucous and silly with someone who gets me and enjoys playing with me when I get that way-and I am still not talking about sex...yet. There are many things that we are talking about and working through. Our history, the shared victories and tragedies, the inside jokes, the looks that we understand-all of it- is not something I want to give up or have to start building with someone else.
On to the sex.
Some things I will keep to myself.
Lets just say it was hours of awesome crazy fun and that it's a good thing the Big Girl is out of town and that the Kid is a sound sleeper.
I aahhh, have some toys to put away and some laundry to do and then it's off to the gym for another workout.
Catch ya later!


Huff Daddy said...

Yeah, what you said.

I can't wait to see the movie again.

We have friends that lied to their wives to go see the movie. Me, my wife loved the movie as much as I did. That's a keeper. I don't get those guys.

Nej said...

So wait, if these pics are a trip from 3 years'll be ages before current trip pictures start showing up. :-) :-) :-)

The movie was awesome!!! Both Mot and Danny were practically yelling at the screen. I was laughing to hard to speak.

I just want to know the story behind the chickens!!!! :-)

Brook said...

HD-we are planning another movie outing tomorrow and D said Harry Potter, I said The Hangover. We'll go see HP but we are so buying this when it comes out. Seriously-some women are just like that dentists @#*t girlfriend. Whatever!

Nej-3 yrs...oh right right right. It won't be that long I'm sure. How fortuitous though to have my own handy dandy Vegas villa pics ya know? I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face, and "commented" so much I am hoarse yet again today. The credits...I was screaming with laughter. The chickens would have made more sense if somewhere we had seen a roll of duct tape(oh wait that is one of those inside jokes;)

For sure laughing and focusing on the good is much better than the funky blues I've been trapped in the past little while.

Nej said...

If you like the Potter books, then you'll enjoy the movie....but (as with the books) this one is dark. Not really uplifting...if you know what I mean.

If you need laughter, go see Potter, then the Hangover again right after. (hehehe)

(We went to see Potter Tuesday night finally.) :-)

Brook said...

I wonder if we could finagle a theater change...they are both playing at the 20 screen place. Hmmm. I have enjoyed the books but seriously I NEED LAUGHS...I'll have to spread the word.

Nej said...

The acting in this one is fab!'ve read the books, so you know that the plot isn't the happiest of all.

It's a good movie...and there are some laughs....but nothing like Hangover. :-)

Dark Cloud Nine said...


Brook said...

DCN-at least I didn't post the pictures =)