Thursday, May 24, 2012

Italian Potato Soup

We occasionally go to Olive Garden for an almost quick lunch, enjoying the soup and salad and if I'm feeling skinny, a tiramisu.
Sometimes though going out is just too much bother and since I know how to make soup and reverse engineering recipes is kind of a hobby of mine, when I got a craving for some Zuppa Toscana I knew just how to make it.
This soup is so delicious and I think my version is actually better than the "name brand".

Here's how I did it:

One big soup pot on a medium flame
One good glug of olive oil into the pot
One medium yellow onion chopped and dropped into the oil
1/2 lb of Italian sausage  removed from it's casing and broken up into the pot.  (I splurged on this at Earthfare and got 2 links of  hot Italian sausage)
6 smallish red potatoes chopped and then dropped into the pot when the sausage is mostly done
One box of chicken stock poured in on top of everything (32oz I believe as I decided to not get the biggest new box at the store)

Give it all a stir and be patient.

Simmer for awhile-at least 30 to 45 minutes and give it a taste.  I needed to add some salt (grey Celtic sea salt in my case) and the sausage wasn't very fennely so I added about 1/8 tsp of fennel seed which I crushed with my fingers before adding it in

You aren't done yet!

Get out your potato masher and start mashing until it's the texture you like - don't go too crazy as you still want plenty of potato chunks!
One bunch of fresh kale goes in next - stem it and tear the leaves into smallish bits and stir them into your hot soup

This is very important for the soup to be a success, after all you don't want your soup to "break" do you?

Now for the last step:
Stir in about 1 cup of whole milk or enough to make the color "right" (this was another splurge from Earthfare- organic, non homogenized, and minimally pasteurized-delicious I must say).

Serve yourself a bowl  and top with a fresh grating of Parmesan cheese.


*instead of tiramisu we made oatmeal raisin walnut cookies which we have eaten the heck out of.

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Nej said...

Printed out...going to try this weekend. I LOVE potato soup!!!!!!!