Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We're enjoying the crisp Fall day.
Walking through the Farmers' Market, perusing the fruits and vegetables, smelling the fresh air and roasting peanuts.
I look down at my girl in her pretty yellow dress and lace shawl, smiling, swinging our clasped hands a little.
Her other hand is busy, finger jammed knuckle deep in gold digger territory.
"Sweetie don't do that."
"We are in public and you just don't do that in public places."

Long pause for thought.


Inspection of aforementioned finger.

"I'll just put this here (wiping finger at the side seam of her dress) in case I need a booger later."

I decide to buy eggs, bread, country ham and some muscadines in case I need them later.

The week before Big Daddy D and I are at our regular grocery to get milk and eggs.
My preferred egg "Appalachian Naturals" (a bit more free range than some and local'ish)(and not too expensive at around $3) are not on the shelf and I make enquiries.

"Have you stopped carrying the Appalachian Naturals eggs?"
"Well now I don't know, maybe. Some of them high dollar eggs we had to just throw away cause no one buys them so after awhile we just don't carry them anymore"

I'm looking at a carton priced over $5 as he says this.
"Uh huh" I think.

Big Daddy D pipes in.
"They're all eggs, what's the big deal? Just grab some."

Obviously someone is ready to leave the store.

I reply that "The eggs on the shelf are really not as good, that the color and flavor will not be as wonderfully delicious as what we normally get."

I look up just in time to catch the commiserating glance between the two men present and -with an appropriate eye roll - grab my second choice after duly checking the eggs for cracks and the carton for the expiration date.

Turns out the Farmers' Market is also a good place to buy a better egg.
What do you think?
Guess which is the grocery store egg and which came from the Farmers' Market.


WanderingGirl said...

Big sunshiney orange yolk is the farmer's market egg. 'Nuff said.

Brook said...

Totally-and it's cheap and close to the house! Hoorah(plus I have a shopping buddy now!)

Spellbound said...

Time to buy some chickens I;m thinking.

Brook said...

Spellbound I have thought about it and gotten the green light from D, but you know, I like to travel and chickens require care every day-especially during the winter. In the city here one can raise about 3 chickens I think, and no roosters. It's a real quandary.

Nej said...

Holy smokes. That's a huge difference!!!!

Amy said...

"In case I need a booger later"...HAHAHA! funny girl!