Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At first glance I thought this was an ad for Gucci panties and thought WTF?
I think they designed this to look like panties and subliminally entice you to buy the sexy purse.
Or maybe the designer drew it up and liked it without even realizing the reason it was so eye-catching was because the bag looks like sexy burlesque panties.
Oh well.
I'd never buy the purse but some uber hot granny panties wouldn't be amiss in my lingerie drawer.

Now for the real news.

I am sad.
I am angry.
It's everything.
It's nothing.

I'm going to make some more bread.
Baking seemed to help yesterday.


Huff Daddy said...

Perhaps you should bake some subliminal panty bread?

Nej said...

I thought it was panties as well. Surely, someone at Gucci looked at it, and saw the same thing? :-)